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Data Collection & Aggregation

Collect all customer interaction data from multiple channels

>Connect Hotelappz to PMS or Channel Manager
>Automatically import all guest histories and bookings from PMS or Channel Managers
>Systematically retrieve round-the-clock bookings (new, updates…)

Dedupe, cleanse and standardize data across all sources

>Dedupe property’s customer database by identifying and merging duplicate records
>Detect beyond exact duplicates as well as similar matches (misspelling or errors…) to consolidate complex data cleansing
>Carry out data harmonization from different sources (internal/external, offline/online)

Enrich customer data with first and third-party attribute

>Incorporate all client requests into single, integrated customer profile
>Import online reputation reviews & rating into unified customer profile
>Retrieve intelligent content via chatbot into customer profile

Connect directly the integrated customer database to new applications

>Connect to online reputation management tools to enable automated sending
>Connect to custom-built multi-channel communications e.g. conversational agents: chatbots
>Connect to concierge/guest service applications
>Facilitate & ease data migration from PMS

Strengthen Client Relationship

Target different customer segments and provide hyper-personalized messages, enabling 1:1 messaging

>Cross all types of criteria to create custom customer lists
>Apply lists for all types of campaigns and marketing initiatives
>Take a deep dive into customer database

Trigger engaging communication to customer in alignment with the brand/property image

>Write directly reusable communication templates and forms
>Incorporate designs of all kinds created by Web or PR agencies
>Insert multiple variable fields into ultra-personalization
>Handle automated multilingual messages

Reach out to clients via preferred communication channels

>Emails, forms and custom web pages
>Short text-only and multimedia messages designed for foreign mobile networks
>Instant Messaging: Facebook, Wechat…
>AI-based conversation engine

Orchestrate easily targeted marketing & communications campaigns

>Draft and directly edit messages from on-site property
>Work with and/or devolve creative projects to web design agency or digital marketing consultancy
>Leverage the commercial success of campaigns

Automate each kind of messages or interactions with Customer

>Ease and customize messaging from the stage of post booking to dormant/between stays
>Shape clearly new types of messages: prior to check-in, upgrades, new amenities
>Minimize the number of no-shows with relevant messaging

Handle requests from clients

>Collect all requests on a central dashboard
>Follow through the handling of requests to ensure nothing is missed
>Disseminate queries to different departments

More Loyal Customers

Set up a customized end-to-end loyalty program

>Determine the loyalty scheme: rewards points chart and tier-status levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum…)
>Enroll customers effectively – by enticing them with a welcome offer – to enrich contact information (email, address, mobile number)
>Regroup customers by “tier level” (Platinum, Gold, Silver…) to identify them easily

Promote the loyalty rewards program to clients

>Design targeted loyalty & retention campaigns
>Create eligible offers to redeem reward points (upgrades for extra points, value adds, special rates)
>Generate repeat business as direct bookings

Embed the loyalty management in customer care

>Access complete customer profile data within the Property
>Manage customer’s purchases made using rewards points
>Provide customer a dedicated member’s area to keep track of loyalty account

Leverage the effectiveness of loyalty initiatives

>Evaluate the increase of customer loyalty.
>Compute and track customer’s profitability
>Leverage the effectiveness of marketing initiatives