Hotel Satisfaction Survey (a.k.a customer satisfaction survey or guest questionnaire) is basically a list of questions sent by a hotel to its guests, after they have stayed in the hotel. The objectives are to gauge the guests’ satisfaction and to get their insights on the hotel’s services and ultimately being able to improve the service quality.


Traditionally, customer satisfaction surveys are mostly done for post-stay feedback and commonly conducted face to face, over the phone, via email, hotel’s website, or even on handwritten forms.

Today, many providers come up with innovative hotel survey tools that are more sophisticated in many respects:

  • First, information can be collected not only after but also during the stay. Thus hotels can swiftly respond to specific needs as well as increase the engagement with customers. In addition, some types of contextual surveys are designed for the pre check-in phase, which help hotels uncover the reasons for booking abandonment, in turns, minimize its probability.
  • The personalization level of hotel surveys is also evolved considerably. Thanks to this, hoteliers can win greater guest relations and derive more valuable insights for marketing and operational improvement.
  • Notably, hotel survey feedback can now be converted into public reviews, therefore becoming a powerful tool for improving hotel rankings and e-reputation as a whole.

Providing hoteliers with highly personalized customer databases, HotelAppz can empower hotels’ survey design tools so as to generate extremely personalized communications. Moreover, the information obtained from hotel surveys can be integrated back into the HotelAppz platform, that makes customer profiles richer and more insightful. Also, hoteliers can benefit from numerous partnerships between HotelAppz and  survey providers such as TrustYou, Customer Alliance, Guest Suite, etc.

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