Property Management Systems (also known as PMS System)  known as PMS, is a software application that is used by hotels to manage and coordinate functions like their front office, sales and planning, reporting, etc.. The PMS automates hotel operations such as guest bookings, guest details, online reservations, posting of charges, accounts receivable, sales and marketing, events, food and beverage costing, HR and payroll, maintenance management, among others.


PMS System may have interfaces with third-party solutions like central reservation systems and revenue management systems, online booking engine, Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), housekeeping optimization, payment card authorization and channel management systems.


Historically, PMS were often deployed in a client/server configurations but there are now next generation property management systems that run over the web and use cloud technology which offer their software to clients as a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model.  


The new cloud technology PMS have expanded their functionality to include more guest-facing features that include online check-in, room service, in-room controls, guest-staff communication, virtual concierge and more. These new functionalities are mainly used by guests on their own mobile devices or devices provided by the hotel.  

HotelAppz is directly connected to many different PMS Systems and the data from these systems is the primary source of guest data that fed into the HotelAppz.  The PMS data is then aggregated with all the other data sources that make up HotelAppz’s Customer Data Platform.   

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