Chatbot, also known as chat robot, talkbot, chatterbot, chatterbox, artificial conversational entity (ACE) or interactive agent, is a computer software that automatically engages in online conversations that are very similar to that of a real human being, or as close as a machine can get. The conversations can be by means of text, voice or sometimes graphical interfaces and widgets.


How it works


Present day chatbots are built in different ways, corresponding with two levels of complexity. The first level is relatively simple communication needs, whereby the chatbots are based on a simple set of guidelines. This means that the chatbot’s response capabilities are quite limited within a specific area as well as vocabulary.

In more complex circumstances, it is based on artificial intelligence technologies (AI), including deep learning, natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, that require massive amounts of data. In this case the bot is capable of self-learning, as it is introduced to new words, phases, requests, and it can then constantly be improving its communication capabilities.


Chatbot & Hospitality


Hospitality is one of the industries in which customer interaction and engagement plays a key role. Chatbots, therefore, are indeed worthy to be added to hotels’ digital assets. The use of a chatbot would help take over repetitive tasks from human staff, give them more time to devote to more complex and critical problems, thereby increasing productivity. Further, being able to have access to the customers’ behaviors 24/7, gives hotels more valuable insights. Compared to other existing technologies, chatbots, thanks to their Artificial Intelligence, work more efficiently in personalizing recommendations to customers, that create more satisfied customers; while holding down costs.

To speed up chatbots’ progress of self-learning, so that their efficiency would be optimized, the utmost importance is to give them access to rich, organized data. Therefore a complete guest profile database can enrich the chatbots learning process. HotelAppz, for example, collects and aggregates hotel guest data from multiple channels; providing hoteliers with a single dashboard in which each guest profile is de-duplicated, segmented and enriched with third-party attributes. Not only does this database help chatbots generate better responses in a personalized way, but it also helps hoteliers understand what their guest are interested in and looking for.

HotelAppz is in partnership with Quicktext that provides a chatbot solution. The free integration between the two platforms results in enhancing the guest data and making any communication with those guests more personalized. Better communication helps keep customers engaged and ultimately more loyal.

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