What is it?


Double Opt-in (a.k.a confirmed opt-in, two-step opt-in, versus Single Opt-in) is a confirmation process used by websites to verify that the person is indeed the owner of the email address that has been used to log onto the website. The general concept is that, the website requires its users to confirm their email address by sending an email to the user and the user has to respond back. Therefore a double opt-in process. This process is often used when signing up to website subscriptions before the users’  contact details are officially added to the mailing list.

Basically, the Double Opt-in process consists of the following steps:

  • The user submits his / her email address in a website’s subscription form so as to receive mailings from the website. This is called the first Opt-in.
  • After that, a pre opt-in confirmation email is automatically sent to the user via his / her submitted contact.
  • By clicking a link contained in this email, the user completes the 2nd Opt-in and in turn starts receiving mailings from that system.


Why is it important?


From website owners’ perspective, using Double Opt-in is necessary to have a mailing list that is:

  • CLEAN, as it does not contain fake / inactive / misspelled email addresses
  • HIGH QUALITY, as the addresses are actually belonged to someone with genuine interests in website’s mailing contents.
  • SECURITY, making sure that users emails are their own and not being used illegally

In other words, this process acts as an initial filter that minimizes unsubscribe rate and also spam report rate. Thanks to it, website’s sender reputation and email deliverability would be less likely to be harmed, and there would be less money wasted on unworthy mailings. On another hand, the confirmation mail could be utilized to immediately start communicating with the email recipient about company’s services / products.

From users’ perspective, Double Opt-in helps avoid the annoying situations of receiving emails that they have no idea about. Those situations might be caused by someone entering their emails deliberately or by mistake. Or the users who actually want to be mailed to don’t have to worry about potential spelling mistakes.

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