In travel and hospitality industry particularly, using email marketing campaigns is one of the best ways to communicate with customers with relatively low cost and high ROI. It is reported that the open rate of travel and hospitality mailings is higher than the all-industry average.


Hospitality mailings are commonly categorized as pre-stay, post-stay, promotion and newsletter/ blog signed-up emails. Each of those serves a specific purpose, therefore being delivered with different messages and using different timing.

  • Pre-stay emails are sent to guests before their check-in in order to inform them of: confirmation number; check-in and check-out info; basic property info; instructions to modify, cancel the reservation; directions to the hotel; transportation suggestion; maybe some local info (weather forecast, attractions, culinary, ect.) and links to reward programs or hotel’s social media channels.
  • Post-stay emailings are mainly for the purposes of obtaining guest feedback, providing them with deals, special offers for the next stay.
  • Whereas, promotion emails and newsletters are hotels’ efforts to keep their readers in the know, cultivate returning guests and captivate potential ones.

Far away from the age of mass emailing and spamming, hospitality mailings are now becoming much more personalized, customer-centric and permission-based, with the support of many innovative technologies.


Enabling a rich, clean, organized customer database and a range of smart filters, HotelAppz allows hoteliers to implement email marketing campaigns with a high level of personalization. Thus the open rate would be maximized and the conversions would be encouraged.

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