Channel Manager for hotels

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Channel Manager or sometime referred to as Channel Management  is the process of managing room availability and room rates that are then distributed across different distribution channels around the world. [...]

CRM for hotels

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology that is used to manage a hotel’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. It collects data about customer interactions with a [...]

CRS in the hotel industry

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A Central Reservation System (CRS) is a computerized reservation software  used to maintain the hotel information, room inventory and rates, and to manage the reservation process.  A CRS provides hotel [...]

Double Opt-in

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What is it?   Double Opt-in (a.k.a confirmed opt-in, two-step opt-in, versus Single Opt-in) is a confirmation process used by websites to verify that the person is indeed the owner [...]

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Guest Experience in Hotels

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Guest experience in hotels is becoming more and more important because it’s not just about ‘staying in a hotel’ but rather stimulating emotions as part of the overall hotel experience [...]

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Hospitality Emailing

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In travel and hospitality industry particularly, using email marketing campaigns is one of the best ways to communicate with customers with relatively low cost and high ROI. It is reported that [...]

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Hotel Chatbot

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Chatbot, also known as chat robot, talkbot, chatterbot, chatterbox, artificial conversational entity (ACE) or interactive agent, is a computer software that automatically engages in online conversations that are very similar [...]

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Hotel Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing for hotels is becoming increasingly complex. Hotels need to find the right digital marketing architecture and tools that provide a consistent multi-channel experience to hotel guests and prepare [...]

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Hotel PMS

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Property Management Systems (also known as PMS System)  known as PMS, is a software application that is used by hotels to manage and coordinate functions like their front office, sales [...]

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Hotel Satisfaction Survey

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Hotel Satisfaction Survey (a.k.a customer satisfaction survey or guest questionnaire) is basically a list of questions sent by a hotel to its guests, after they have stayed in the hotel. [...]

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